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Clinkingbeard, Jeff

Born in Lexington Kentucky (and huge Wildcat Basketball fan), Jeff moved all over the country while his father was in the Navy. When his father left the Navy in 1980, his family settled in St. Peters, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis. He attended Francis Howell North High School where he was on the newspaper staff and introduced the first computer system to the schools journalism department.

In 1989, Jeff attended Missouri State University (SMSU at the time) where he wrote sports articles for the Standard Newspaper and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and minor in Journalism.

After graduating in 1993 he began working for a software company and became manager after 1 year. From 1994-1996 Jeff was a weekly contributor to the ComputerTalk program heard right here on NewsTalk 560.

In 1996, Jeff opened his own computer company and became the full time host of ComputerTalk in June of 2000.

In April of 2009, Jeff became the Host of MorningLine weekdays from 9-10am and in June of 2010 moved to his current show Drive Time, heard in the afternoon. Jeff also continues to host ComputerTalk on Friday afternoons from 2-3pm.


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